McAlister Training

What to Expect

Trying out a class for the first time? Here's what you need to know.


+ Getting Signed Up:

+ Before Class:

  • Come in 5-10 minutes before your scheduled class time.
  • Check in, store your belongings, and get settled in.
  • Be sure to share if you have any pre-existing conditions and/or injuries you're working around. If at any point during the class something does'nt feel quite right, let us know!
  • Running a few minutes late? No worries! Simply call the studio and let us know you're on the way.

+ The Workout:

  • Each circuit class begins with self-myofascial release to reduce stiffness and to improve overall performance.
  • Next, we get down to business with a fun group warm-up.
  • After warming up, we jump into full-body circuits incorporating body-weight exercises, free weights, TRX, and more! Between each round is an active rest period.
  • We finish with a group cool-down and stretch.