McAlister Training


Have a question about our classes? We have an answer! 


Why circuits? 

Circuit training is the most effective way to maximize your workout and your time. Instead of spending an hour on the treadmill (it doesn’t get more boring than that) and then reaching for weights, our classes mix intervals of both high-intensity cardio and strength exercises in an hour or less. Our time-based circuits will challenge your entire body, at your own pace, for a seriously comprehensive workout. 

What if I’ve never worked out before? 

You've got this! We'll help you with proper form and encourage you to take the workout at your own pace. Taking on new challenges, yes. Intimidation, never.

How big are the classes?

No more than 12! We love small groups because it ensures personalized attention while providing the benefits of a team environment. Never seen the exercise before? Have an injury that needs accommodating? We gotchu. You won’t get lost in a large class.

What’s your late cancel and no-show policy?

We require clients to cancel at least 2 hours prior to their class, without penalty. For 6 AM classes, we require clients to cancel at least 8 hours prior to class, without penalty.

Cancellations must be made online through MINDBODY.

  • For Drop-Ins or Class Packages: Late cancels and no-shows will be deducted 1 class

  • For Unlimited Monthly Members:

    • Late cancels will be charged $15

    • No-shows will be charged $20

Do you have a shower?

Unfortunately, no. However, we do have a bathroom if you need to change, as well as, cubbies for your bag, clothes, etc. 

Can I bring a friend? 

Yes! We are excited to grow our McAlister Training family and hope you spread the news with your loved ones. Remember: With limited space in each class, be sure to have them sign up ahead of time!